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September 2011 | Edition Fifteen     

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of Enter, the online magazine of World Press Photo's Education Department. For more information on navigating and accessing Enter - and how to be emailed about future editions click here.

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This is the last edition of Enter in its present form.

It has been successful in its primary goal of showcasing the work of participants from our educational programs.

But you might have noticed that World Press Photo recently launched its new corporate website and the organization will focus on this new offering in future, with its greatly expanded functionalities, to communicate about its educational activities and with participants.

The corporate site will be further developed in the years to come and is likely to retain - albeit in slightly modified forms - popular sections from Enter such as Galleries, Close-up and Editor's choice. If you haven't visited the new site yet we hope to welcome you there shortly.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Enter these past six years.

The responsiveness and quality of work from former participants in our educational programs, the great and many examples of generosity of authors of the articles and the interest expressed by the growing numbers of readers have made publishing Enter a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

But, before we leave you, the last edition

Images from more than sixty former participants of World Press Photo's education program have been featured in our Galleries feature since the first Enter. There are five more in this issue from a wide geographical spread.

There is a record of long-standing ethnic unrest in southern Thailand, a study of how young adults are coping with life in present-day Romania and a gallery showing how men in the capital of the Republic of the Congo earn a meagre living making deliveries on basic handcarts.

The demonstrations in a main square in Egypt’s capital Cairo were amongst the most dramatic in the so-called Arab Spring earlier this year. The photographer who recorded the scenes, which form the fourth of our Galleries, was amongst those taking part in the demos. She talks about keeping the two roles apart.

The final gallery shows how some of the poor of Armenia continue to exist today in the most basic of conditions.

Masterclass, as usual, features a role model amongst those who have attended a World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.

And Picture Power again highlights some images which have illustrated stories in major publications. The people who chose them, the photo editors, explain why.

Picture Power highlights images from around the world which have caught a photo editorís eye. Click on an image to see a higher-resolution version and read about how and why that image was chosen for prominence on the page.

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