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September 2011 | Edition Fifteen     

World Press Photo's Education Department wishes to thank the following people for their contributions and help in the production of Enter, edition fifteen:

Amirul Rajiv (Bangladesh)
Anahit Hayrapetyan (Armenia)
Ghaith Abdulahad (Turkey)
Marko Risovic (Serbia)
Myriam Abdelazis (Egypt)
Nadezhda Chipeva (Bulgaria)
Rodrig Mbock (Cameroon)
Vinai Dithajohn (Thailand)

Cover Image:
Marko Risovic

The Enter team:

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Editorial team:
Editorial team: Maarten Koets, Kari Lundelin, Frederiek Biemans and Rebecca Simons (World Press Photo)
Managing Director World Press Photo: Michiel Munneke

Special thanks to:
Lisette Kouwenhoven - (Flink)

Copyright and credits:

Photo of Amirul Rajiv in Picture Power by Sanjida Jui
Photo of Nadezhda Chipeva in Picture Power by Tsvetelina Belutova
Photo of Vinai Dithajohn in Galleries by Vinai Dithajohn
Photo of Marko Risovic in Galleries by Jetmir Idrizi
Photo of Rodrig Mbock in Galleries by Aimay Menoba
Photo of Anahit Hayrapetyan in Galleries by Lene Münch
Photo of by Myriam Abdelazis in Galleries by Myriam Abdelazis
Photo of Ghaith Abdulahad in Masterclass by Katia Jarjoura

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