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February 2008 | Edition Nine     

Welcome to the ninth edition of Enter, the online magazine of World Press Photo's Education Department. For more information on navigating and accessing Enter - and how to be emailed about future editions - click here.

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Photojournalism can change the world and not just by its presence. Its absence too can have its effect.

In edition nine of Enter, Kunda Dixit - editor of the Nepali Times in Kathmandu - argues in Talking Point that had imagery and design been better in his country’s newspapers in the past, Nepal’s history could have been very different.

Highlighting photography that has been used prominently in some of the world’s media, our Picture Power feature returns but in a different form.

On the right hand side of this page you will find links to pictures which have appeared in two newspapers and an explanation from editors about just why they were chosen.

The aim of the feature is to help those starting out on a career in photojournalism to understand better the editorial process.

Part of what Close Up does is similar. Providing a portrait of a photojournalist from the past, in this case India’s Kishor Parekh, should inspire those learning the craft as well as providing examples of what makes great photojournalism.

Two of this edition’s galleries come from Indonesia – one highlighting the plight of poor country people new to the capital city and the other a portfolio which includes the effects of two natural disasters, an earthquake and a threatened volcanic eruption.

The frustration of major traffic holdups on the new border between Latvia and Russia provides the subject for the third gallery and the fourth features a familiar theme, how the rural dispossessed – this time in Turkey – have to take to the road to survive.

Cool Kit, our examination of equipment available for photojournalism, looks at the development of high-tech compact cameras and asks if they are now good enough for professionals to use full-time.

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Picture Power highlights images from around the world which have caught a photo editor’s eye. Click on an image to see a higher-resolution version and read about how and why that image was chosen for prominence on the page.

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