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February 2008 | Edition Nine     

Agenda is the section in which we tell you about a selection of the countless contests, awards, grants, scholarships and other developmental schemes available to photojournalists in the next few months.

Here, we have chosen some that have deadlines for entries between the publication of this edition of Enter and the next.

But if you know of an interesting competition, event or opportunity coming up later in the year - especially in the southern hemisphere - please email us by clicking here.

Clearly, we can tell you about some of the biggest events and opportunities coming up but we rely on you to tell us about the ones most important to you.

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One of a series of photos by Italian Massimo Mastrorillo, taken in Mozambique, which won the IPA Photographer of the Year Award last year.
It is entitled "Mozambique: a decade of peace between poverty and dream".
The caption reads: Street children dancing capoeira along the seaside. There are so many that today it is impossible to distinguish between street orphans and children with families who live on the streets looking for enough food and money to survive.
Massimo also won first prize for a single image in the Nature Category in the World Press Photo contest in 2006.

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