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February 2008 | Edition Nine     

Ask The Experts provides an opportunity for professional photojournalists starting out on their careers to put questions to some of the leading members of the profession.

For edition nine we have one question, from China, about the future of perhaps the most important aspect of documentary photography, the photo-feature.

You can read about one of the pioneers of the form in this edition’s Close Up feature.

Posing the question – to which we have answers from three experts – is Xiaolan Yi, a photo editor at the Southern Metropolis Daily in Guangzhou.

Says Xiaolan: “I am interested in the future of photo-features in newspapers. Many newspapers here in China publish photographic features. Is this the case in the rest of the world and if it is less popular now than it used to be, should we in China continue with this type of content? What do you think the future of the photographic features is?"

Per Lindström  

Our first answer comes from Per Lindström who was photo editor-in-chief at the Sydsvenskan newspaper in Malmö, Sweden from 1990 until 2002 and is now Editorial Developer there.


  Roberto Koch

Our second expert is Roberto Koch, publisher of Contrasto books and director of the Contrasto agency in Italy.

  Robin Comley

Our third and final answer comes from Robin Comley, who is picture editor with The Times of South Africa.

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