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January 2006 | Edition Three     

For issue three of Enter, we again asked former World Press Photo seminar participants to offer us galleries of images with a theme.

Last time it was The Elements. For this issue we wanted a collection of photographs of Festivities.

The theme was meant to be interpreted loosely and our photographers did so in various ways.

How different countries mark the end of World War II, for instance, interested Marc Beckmann, a 27-year-old past-participant of an ASEF forum.

He visited three countries, France, Germany and Russia, for his gallery.

These days, Ramadan is observed in many parts of the world but, for his gallery, freelance photographer Amit Bhargava went to record it in India's New Delhi.

He had the barest of essential equipment to take his pictures so that he could blend into the background and work unnoticed.

Freelance photographer Ng Sor Luan traveled a great distance to a remote part of Mongolia to record The Naadam Festival, a traditional event held nationwide.

I thought it would be interesting to capture the festivities away from the capital, says Sor Luan, who took part in a World Press Photo Jakarta Summer Workshop in 2002 and works with the The Straits Times in Singapore.

One of the most colorful celebratory events is the Masquerade festival in Oyo Town, in Nigeria's Oyo State.

Olugbemiga Olamikan, a 31-year-old attending a World Press Photo training workshop at the Nigeria Institute of Journalism, returned to his birthplace for his gallery.

I traveled from Lagos looking for a photograph that would beat the others on the workshop, he says.

For edition four of Enter, we are widening the scope of the galleries. We would like to invite former seminar participants to submit portfolios of work rather than a collection on a particular subject.

So pick up to 12 of your best images from your collection and email us by clicking here and then ask how to submit them.

Nine of the images will be chosen for each gallery that we use.

Good luck.

Copyright 2006, all rights reserved by the photographers